Valplast Denture

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Valplast Denture

It was long thought that, in order to be effective, removable partial dentures had to be rigid. The innovation of the Valplast® Flexible Partial denture allows the appliance to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth.

When you are ready to replace missing teeth you have a number of solutions available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important for you to consider all of these issues because you are most likely to live with your choice for a long time.

You don’t have to make this decision alone. Your dentist can help you assess which is the best option for you in light of your specific clinical needs, personal preferences and financial considerations.

Traditional acrylic/metal dentures

The Valplast® flexible alternative


If you can’t bare the thought of visible metal clasps then a Valplast® flexible partial denture is an option. Valplast® flexible partial dentures look very natural, are light and are designed to stay beautiful and comfortable for a long period of time.

When considering a removable partial denture, many people find Valplast® flexible partial dentures to be the most comfortable option. They are metal free, do not require any preparation of natural teeth, do not contain the chemicals found in normal plastic dentures and are hypoallergenic.

Valplast Dentures Bradford

Dewsbury Dental can fit you with a Valplast® Flexible Partial denture from only £550.

Valplast® gives you something to smile about!

Valplast®, the original flexible partial denture material, was first introduced in 1953. Since then, worldwide, over 5 million happy patients have enjoyed using Valplast® flexible partial dentures.


Your ultimate comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when restoring your missing teeth. Valplast® flexible partial dentures are designed to function within a flexible environment, to provide a high degree of comfort whilst being as unobtrusive as possible, and to be strong without being rigid.

Flexibility is the strength of Valplast

Traditional acrylic/metal dentures

The Valplast® flexible alternative


If cost is your primary consideration, you will be encouraged to know that removable restorations are the most affordable solution. Valplast® combines great value with excellent aesthetics and will give you added confidence whilst talking, eating and most importantly, smiling that often rivals the appearance of more expensive restorations.

The Valplast® Guarantee

Valplast International give a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture of Valplast® flexible partials in normal use. Valplast® flexible partial dentures are designed to be comfortable, inconspicuous, and last for a long time. Be certain to ask your dentist for your completed certificate. The guarantee is validated on line at using the information shown on the certificate.


Where can I purchase FDC™ Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® Concentrated Denture Cleaner?2019-03-09T10:29:44+00:00

FDC™Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® are available from Dewsbury Dental. Please contact Dewsbury Dental about your requirements. FDC™ Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® is not available in shops at this time.

Will shop bought cleaners work on my Valplast® Partial?2019-03-09T10:28:08+00:00

Proprietary brands of denture cleaner are not recommended for cleaning a Valplast® appliance, as they are not as effective as Val-Clean® and may contain ingredients that could damage the Valplast® or its colour.

Can I have a tooth added to my Valplast® partial?2019-03-09T10:28:31+00:00

Yes you can. Dewsbury Dental will have to send the partial to a Certified Valplast® Laboratory to have the tooth or teeth added to it, and you may have to go without your partial for a few days. The partial will come back to you looking brand new, with the new addition hardly visible! Please feel free to ask Dewsbury Dental to contact Valplast® on 01903 700037 if they need to find a Valplast® laboratory that is capable of providing this service.

Will my partial break under stress?2019-03-09T10:26:01+00:00

The Valplast® resin is guaranteed to never break under normal wear and tear for the lifetime of the appliance. This warranty covers the Valplast® resin (pink, nylon material) that is used to make the denture, but not the teeth that are embedded in it.

Is Valplast® safe for patients with allergies to common dental materials?2019-03-09T10:24:14+00:00

Patients that suffer from allergic reactions to common dental materials have been using Valplast® restorations for more than fifty years with an amazingly low reaction rate. Valplast® is a thermoplastic nylon which contains no acrylic monomer and a completely metal free colouring agent, making it an excellent choice for patients who suffer allergic reactions to acrylic and metal dental materials. You contact RDT Technology Ltd on 01903 700037 if you would like a sample chip of Valplast® resin to test for reactivity.