Are you an NHS or Independent Dental Practice?2019-10-10T11:36:57+01:00

We provide both NHS and independent dental treatment – please contact us to discuss your options.

Are you taking on NHS new patients?2018-11-21T17:42:04+00:00

Currently we are fully to capacity and are not accepting new NHS patients.

How do I book an appointment?2018-12-19T12:01:32+00:00

Please call us on our numbers above to book an appointment. If you are wishing to book an appointment as a new independent patient, please use our ‘contact us’ form and we will get in touch with you to arrange an appointment.

How do I get an NHS dentist?2018-11-21T17:43:24+00:00

NHS dentist are in short supply in Bradford. We advise you use the NHS search tool here to find the nearest dentist taking on patients on the NHS. https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Dentists/LocationSearch/3

This useful NHS guide also provides information about how to get an NHS dentist:


If you have an emergency and want to be seen under the NHS, we advise you ring the NHS ‘111’ service. Please see our ‘dental emergencies’ page.

What’s the difference between NHS and independent dentistry?2019-10-10T11:36:35+01:00

NHS dentistry provides treatment of a reasonable standard to secure and maintain oral health. Fees are set by the Department of Health and will be the same with every NHS dentist. The NHS does not provide any cosmetic treatments including certain white fillings, tooth whitening, braces, implants, Botox, fillers and certain types of crowns.  Demand for NHS treatment is quite high and the wait for an appointment can be quite high.

Independent dentistry provides the full range of treatment options. Prices are variable, and in certain circumstances can be cheaper than those set by the NHS.   Reserved clinical sessions are held each day for emergencies and for patients wishing to been sooner than the nearest available routine NHS appointment.  Please click here for a price list of independent treatments. Mr T Rayner and Mr Johnston are able to offer later evening appointments for their independent patients

What dental treatment is available on the NHS and how much will it cost?2018-11-21T17:45:58+00:00

Information regarding NHS dentistry, what is available, how much it will cost, and more is available via NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk

Am I entitled to free NHS treatment?2018-11-21T17:47:16+00:00

Patients do not have to pay any NHS dental charges for a course of treatment if, on the first day of treatment, they are:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Aged 18 and in full time education
  • An expectant mother
  • A woman who has either had a baby, or a still birth in the previous 12 months


Patients are entitled to free or reduced cost NHS dental treatment if they are currently receiving:

  • Income support
  • Jobseekers allowance
  • Working Family tax credit
  • Pension Credit guarantee credit
  • Universal credits

Or are named on a valid NHS low income scheme certificate HC2 for full help. The dental charge may be reduced for patients named on a valid HC3 certificate.

What do I do if I am an exempt NHS patient? 2018-11-21T17:47:41+00:00

Please bring evidence of your exemption at every appointment and please show the reception team so they can process your paperwork. Please note that fraudulent claims will incur a penalty charge of £100 in addition to the costs of repaying your NHS treatment.

What do I need to take on my first examination?2018-12-19T12:03:56+00:00

Please bring a list of your current medication and details of your current GP.  If you have previously been fitted with dentures then please also bring these with you.

How long do patients wait in the waiting room prior to being seen?2018-11-21T17:48:27+00:00

We try our utmost to see everyone on time. Some people are often seen ahead of time. We do ask that patients arrive a few minutes in advance of their allotted time in order to complete important documents, and that if we are running ahead of time we can see you early. If you are more than half the allotted surgery time late for an appointment, we may ask you to reappoint as otherwise we will overrun into the next patient’s appointment. If you are running late please try to let us know as soon as possible as it may be possible to juggle appointments around so that you can be seen.

Am I seen by the same dentist every time?2018-11-21T17:49:25+00:00

For all our patients, we try our hardest for them to see the same dentist. This allows patients to develop a rapport with their dentist which we feel is important. The NHS does not stipulate that dentist and patient has this relationship. From time to time we may have to, and reserve the right to transfer a patient from one dentist’s care to another.

How do I get an emergency appointment? 2018-11-21T17:49:44+00:00

Emergency appointments are available every day. Please ring as soon as possible for an emergency appointment for that day. Should you have a dental emergency outside of the practice opening hours, please call the NHS ‘111’ service.

Do you offer late night appointments?2018-11-21T17:50:20+00:00

Our latest appointment under the NHS is 5.15pm. Mr J Rayner provides appointments up until 6.30pm on a Thursday. However, this evening is likely to stop when Mr J Rayner retires. Mr Johnston and Mr T Rayner are able to provide after 5.15pm appointments under their independent care.

Are appointment reminders sent in the post? 2018-11-21T17:51:16+00:00

Most dental appointment reminders are now only sent by text message.  We are able to email you a reminder by email if you wish.

Do you have disabled access?2018-11-21T17:51:38+00:00

Our front entrance has ramped access and we have a ground floor surgery. Sadly we are unable to provide a disable specific toilet due to the structural constraints of the building. Please let us know your requirements in advance and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Is there car parking at the practice?2018-11-21T17:51:55+00:00

Although we do not have a dedicated car park, there is usually plenty of on street parking in front and behind of the building. Due to the presence of a bus stop directly in front the of building and the fact we are part of a row of terraces, we are unable to provide a dedicated disabled space.

Can I get to the practice by public transport?2018-11-21T17:52:14+00:00

Yes. There is a bus stop directly outside the practice.

How often should I go to the dentist?2018-11-21T17:52:32+00:00

How often we will need to see you is based on the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums. It could be as short as three months, but if you have no current problems, we might not need to see you for up to two years.

Why do I need to come to the dentist if I am not experiencing any pain?2018-12-19T12:05:41+00:00

Most dental disease causes no pain at all until it is well advanced. Although it is perfectly possible that the reason you have no pain is that you are completely healthy, it is equally possible that you have significant tooth decay, or advanced gum disease, or a chronic abscess, but do not know it. Our healthy mouth assessments are designed to pick up all types of potential problems, including checking for mouth cancer. If your teeth are healthy we can advise you on how to keep them that way. If you do not visit the practice in over 3 years, you are at risk of losing your place.

Do you offer implants at your practice?2018-11-21T17:53:38+00:00

Currently no. However, we are able to refer you to appropriate practices that do.

Can I cancel my appointment?2018-11-21T17:53:55+00:00

Yes you can, and we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible so that we can offer your appointment to someone else. Multiple cancellations less than twenty-four hours prior to your appointment may risk your status at the practice

Will I have treatment on my first visit?2018-11-21T17:54:14+00:00

If you are in pain, we will do our best to get you out of pain.  We will do a full check-up of your mouth, chart the existing condition on our computer, take radiographs if necessary, discuss the options for your treatment and give you a written treatment plan – if you only require a small amount of treatment then, time allowing, we may complete your treatment during the same appointment.

What should I do if I have knocked a tooth out?2018-11-21T17:54:44+00:00

The tooth will need to be re-implanted into its socket immediately so contact your dentist. In the meantime, hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root of the tooth in water if it’s dirty. Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. If possible, gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket. If that isn’t possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk and take it with you to your dentist as quickly as possible.

Do you refer patients to specialists?2018-11-21T17:55:06+00:00

Whilst we are trained and equipped to handle many dental treatments, when we feel that a specialist would be better, we will discuss your needs and requirements and refer you accordingly

How long after my filling should I wait to eat or drink?2018-11-21T17:55:24+00:00

One of the reasons dentists suggest you avoid eating and drinking following treatment is due to the effects of the local anaesthetic. The numbness of the mouth may cause you to inadvertently bite the soft tissues, and or scald your mouth if the temperature of the food and drink cannot be perceived. We would advise you to wait 2-4 hours until the effects of the anaesthesia have worn off.

What should I do regularly to care for my teeth?2018-11-21T17:55:53+00:00

Good dental health begins with you. By following this simple routine you can keep your mouth clean and healthy:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.
  • Have sugary drinks and snacks less often.
  • Use a small to medium sized toothbrush.
  • Use a toothbrush with soft to medium multi-tufted, round-ended nylon bristles.
  • Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Use small circular movements to clean your teeth.
  • Change your toothbrush regularly.
  • Clean between your teeth using dental floss or other recommended interdental products such as TePe brushes
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year
How does smoking affect my mouth?2018-11-21T17:56:24+00:00

The nicotine and tar in smoke will stain your teeth, it will cause and accelerate gum disease which may lead to tooth loss, you may get bad breath and it also increases your risk of developing mouth and throat (and obviously lung) cancers. Smoking reduces the blood and oxygen supply to the gums. Quite often this will mean that if you smoke your gums don’t bleed (first warning sign of gum disease), even though they are very unhealthy.

What are the signs of mouth cancer?2018-11-21T17:56:47+00:00

Mouth cancer can appear in different forms and can affect all parts of the mouth, tongue and lips. It can appear as a painless mouth ulcer that does not heal normally. If you ever have a mouth ulcer which does not heal after 3 weeks please come to see us so we can check it out. We do a thorough inspection for mouth cancer at every check-up.

 Are dental X-rays dangerous?2018-11-21T17:57:04+00:00

The amount of radiation received from a dental X-ray is extremely small. Radiation is present all around us all the time. You get about the same amount of radiation from having two dental X-rays as you do travelling on a flight to Spain.

I was pleased with the treatment I received from my dentist. What can I do next?2019-10-14T09:41:49+01:00

If you were particularly impressed with the treatment you received from your dentist you may wish to let them know by sending us an email or letter. Practices value feedback and some may publish patients’ comments on their websites or in their leaflets or newsletter. You may also like to post a review on our NHS Choices page or Google Map page.

DDC NHS Choices Page
DDC Google Page

What guarantees do you offer on your NHS treatment?2018-11-21T18:02:51+00:00

If you have had restorative treatment on the NHS, and something goes wrong, requiring repair or re-treatment, within 12 months of the original treatment, then your dentist should carry out the necessary work free of charge.

Restorative treatment includes fillings, root fillings, inlays, porcelain veneers or crowns.

This will not normally apply if:

  •  within the 12-month period another dentist has carried out any treatment on the same tooth that has been restored, or
  •  the patient was advised at the time of the restoration that it was temporary or a different restoration was more appropriate, but the patient insisted on a different form of restoration, or
  •  the repair or restoration is a result of trauma
What guarantees do you offer on your independent treatment?2018-11-21T18:03:14+00:00

We will repair, adjust or replace as necessary any fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures that we have placed which fail prematurely within two years. However, on top of this we will always assess each case on its merits, and if we believe an item needs replacing because of something we could have done better, we will redo it free of charge or at a reduced cost even if it is over two years since it was placed. Valplast dentures are guaranteed for life against breakage in normal use. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee root fillings (as even perfect technique does not 100% guarantee a successful outcome), nor can we guarantee treatments that you request against our advice. For example if we advise that the only suitable treatment for a broken tooth is a crown, and you request we do the best filling we can in the circumstances, we will always try to fulfil your requirements but we cannot guarantee that the filling will last.

Is Valplast® safe for patients with allergies to common dental materials?2019-03-09T10:24:14+00:00

Patients that suffer from allergic reactions to common dental materials have been using Valplast® restorations for more than fifty years with an amazingly low reaction rate. Valplast® is a thermoplastic nylon which contains no acrylic monomer and a completely metal free colouring agent, making it an excellent choice for patients who suffer allergic reactions to acrylic and metal dental materials. You contact RDT Technology Ltd on 01903 700037 if you would like a sample chip of Valplast® resin to test for reactivity.

Will my partial break under stress?2019-03-09T10:26:01+00:00

The Valplast® resin is guaranteed to never break under normal wear and tear for the lifetime of the appliance. This warranty covers the Valplast® resin (pink, nylon material) that is used to make the denture, but not the teeth that are embedded in it.

Can I have a tooth added to my Valplast® partial?2019-03-09T10:28:31+00:00

Yes you can. Dewsbury Dental will have to send the partial to a Certified Valplast® Laboratory to have the tooth or teeth added to it, and you may have to go without your partial for a few days. The partial will come back to you looking brand new, with the new addition hardly visible! Please feel free to ask Dewsbury Dental to contact Valplast® on 01903 700037 if they need to find a Valplast® laboratory that is capable of providing this service.

Will shop bought cleaners work on my Valplast® Partial?2019-03-09T10:28:08+00:00

Proprietary brands of denture cleaner are not recommended for cleaning a Valplast® appliance, as they are not as effective as Val-Clean® and may contain ingredients that could damage the Valplast® or its colour.

Where can I purchase FDC™ Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® Concentrated Denture Cleaner?2019-03-09T10:29:44+00:00

FDC™Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® are available from Dewsbury Dental. Please contact Dewsbury Dental about your requirements. FDC™ Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean® is not available in shops at this time.

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zahra mulla
zahra mulla
15:13 21 Oct 21
Dewsbury dental centre is amazing . Very professional and all the staff are kind and friendly . Especially dentist... usman who makes the atmosphere comfortable and a nice place to come get your check up atread more
Jason Boardman
Jason Boardman
18:37 20 Oct 21
The staff at Dewsbury Dental Centre are so friendly. I can't thank them enough for all the help they have given me.... Thanks for looking after my smile!read more
Danyal Bentley
Danyal Bentley
15:34 20 Oct 21
Awful place to go to! I was late for a appointment for a valid reason which I had made a payment for. The staff refused... to rebook me in even if I was willing to pay I was very polite and asked if they could please give me a appointment on another day which I would pay for again . They still refused me even though I was in pain. Nasty place, have no respect for others. I normally never write reviews but this has to be said !read more
Angela Page
Angela Page
09:53 13 Jul 21
Absolutely outstanding, I seriously couldn’t be happier with the service. The staff recently went above and beyond for... me. I came away with a smile I was proud of for my recent wedding. Brilliant. On a separate note but equally as positive, the team are always brilliant with my children, taking care to make sure their experience is a good one so they don’t grow up fearing the dentist chair.read more
Nabeel Ahmad
Nabeel Ahmad
23:52 12 Jul 21
One of the best dental practices I have ever been to. The understanding to my needs shown by dentist I saw was perfect.... Would definitely recommend Dewsbury Dental Care to everyone. 10/10read more
Jamie Royce
Jamie Royce
21:52 12 Jul 21
I was referred here for root canal treatment and I am so pleased. The process was so efficient and smooth from start to... finish. Thanks for saving my tooth. Highly recommended!read more
Aayesha Patel
Aayesha Patel
21:50 12 Jul 21
Abs great service. Really pleased and happy.
sonia hassan
sonia hassan
19:58 12 Jul 21
Excellent dental practice highly recommended. I have been a patient for the last 5 years and can’t fault anything from... the staff to the treatment provided and the cleanliness, everything is a 5*! Dr Majid always makes me feel at ease during my treatment and I am a very nervous patient. Thank you to all the staff at DDC :)read more
brett hague
brett hague
17:56 12 Jul 21
Recently became a client and by far the best dentist I’ve been to and will be staying for all of my dental care, staff... are top notch with you, I am currently using there Lumiwhite Teeth Whitening and the results are unreal.. Would highly recommend!read more
faye sharpe
faye sharpe
16:26 12 Jul 21
Lovely practice! Was recently referred for root canal treatment and the staff were lovely. The dentist and the nurse... were amazing, very friendly and put me at ease. Usmaan is an amazing dentist, would definitely recommend!read more
shabir bashir
shabir bashir
09:22 18 Apr 21
I had a back lose tooth for a week which was giving me trouble hoping it will drop out but the pain was getting really... bad. I rang the dewsbury dental care the receptionist was very thoughtful and helpful and booked me in within half hour. I want down and it was all done and dusted in 45 mins the dentist was great at his job didn't even feel any pain.read more
15:05 29 Mar 21
Absolutely love this dentist. I have a deep set fear of dentists, and this place makes me feel so comfy and talks to me... throughout the whole procedures. Things I've never had done before are spoken through clearly and they always ask if you're comfortable. If not they are quick to numb you more and get you fixed so you can have your procedure pain free. I just had RC treatment, first time ever, and I was so SO scared when I arrived -nearly throwing up scared-. I was nearly asleep on the bed by the end. They are really curing my fear of dentists. I'm so utterly grateful to have such an amazing, calming dentist. 😌read more
umer fayyaz
umer fayyaz
00:19 14 Mar 21
Very helpful, and supportive staff. Looked after my partner really well.
The Dentist
The Dentist
20:10 14 Feb 21
Top team! Excellent care from Dr Majid. Takes care of all the root canal referrals so professionally.
Sima Rehman
Sima Rehman
08:35 13 Jan 21
Thank you for making a visit to the dentist almost a pleasure. This is a committed, professional and efficient team.... The whole procedure was painless and the outcomes are amazing . Thank youread more
Hamzah Shaikh
Hamzah Shaikh
02:21 13 Jan 21
Been a patient here for a while now and i can confidently say i've always felt like its more than just a dentist... appointment. The staff are always so friendly and take a genuine care and interest! From the receptionist, dental nurses to the dentist/hygiene/therapist.read more
Kiran Mahmood
Kiran Mahmood
22:06 12 Jan 21
For someone that was scared of the dentist for many years DDC is a brilliant practice with welcoming staff. The staff... were helpful, listened to me and treated me well. Extremely happy with the service. Thank you guysread more
Sham Hussain
Sham Hussain
21:44 12 Jan 21
Dewsbury Dental Centre is an excellent dental practice with fantastic staff who are very helpful, knowledgeable and... skilled. It is by far the best practice I have been registered with and the hygienist is especially good, my teeth have never been cleaner. I am very happy with the service Dewsbury Dental Centre provides and I highly recommend them. 10/10read more
ahmad musa 01
ahmad musa 01
21:32 12 Jan 21
I've been a patient here for quite a few years. really nice team of dentists, nurses and hygienists. always full of... smiles when you go in, caring and never running late, professional and most importantly Dr Usmaan is a very helpful and friendly dentist!!!read more
Hamza Patel
Hamza Patel
20:35 18 Dec 20
Decent dentist but don’t offer paid NHS treatments, unless you’re on benefits, so be prepared to pay over the odds for... your treatments.read more
Isaac Lloyd
Isaac Lloyd
11:36 02 Dec 20
Really good dentists! Always get an appointment promptly!!!
Misty Bannerman
Misty Bannerman
19:24 29 Oct 20
A professional but yet caring and personal experience each time I attend. This practice has an immaculate and stress... free environment . In addition each and every member of staff are just perfect! Thank you all for a service not to be taken for granted !read more
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison
15:29 08 Mar 20
What a great experience. Usman couldn’t be more helpful and the staff are excellent. Everything is efficient clean and... organised. I will definitely be referring friends to come here.read more
Katie Labourn
Katie Labourn
07:49 07 Mar 20
Dewsbury dental centre make going to the dentist a dream, efficient service and friendly staff, they make you feel very... comfortable straight away, mr Majid would bend over backwards to help his patients and nothing is too much trouble, thank you for a continuous amazing service ddcread more
Kashmiri Girl
Kashmiri Girl
17:40 27 Jun 19
Service and communication is good
mohammed lunat
mohammed lunat
14:36 23 Apr 19
Took some time off work to make sure I can get to my appointment and got a call to say it had to be cancelled on the... day!!! Now cant get a convenient appointment until over a month. Ridiculous!!!read more
Brian Clifford
Brian Clifford
11:08 30 Jan 19
I cannot express my appreciation and thanks sufficiently, or properly, for the professional and caring way with which I... was treated. Dr.Usmaan Majid made me feel comfortable throughout ( three teeth extracted and replaced with a plate wired to the teeth on either side of the hole). He and the practice must be the best in Yorkshire or possible Britain. I would heartily recommend the Dewsbury Dental Service to anyone. Brian Clifford JP, FCTSI.read more
Ruth Davies
Ruth Davies
13:32 02 Nov 18
I would recommend this place especially those who are nervous . Mr majid is so down to earth , funny and makes you feel... at ease too . The receptionists are so friendly too .read more
Lee White
Lee White
12:01 12 Oct 18
Quite simply the best dentist I have used, they are caring, professional and informative. The dentistry is first class... but they tell in detail what they will be doing being upfront and honest. The all speak and smile. I was made to feel very welcome and important. Brilliant, especially Dr Majid. Highly recommended. Thank you allread more
Kate Reed
Kate Reed
16:54 17 Jul 18
Needed an emergency appointment.. Got me in within an hour. Just had a tooth extraction this evening. Brilliant staff... very friendly. Amazing dentist who looked after my stubborn tooth. He made me feel safe comfortable and cared for. Couldn't thank him enough.read more
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